Tools for Finding and Selecting Primary Care Facilities


Every health consumer, regardless of his or her health needs, has the right to receive adequate health care, as well as the right to choose a primary care facility. While many individuals visit a facility based on proximity or within their insurance plan, some patients may desire a second opinion or simply want to know what other options exist. Considering the number of primary care facilities throughout the country, selecting a facility can be overwhelming. Whether searching for a primary doctor, a doctor who specializes in treating mesothelioma, or even a senior care facility, here are some top tools to assist you:

Primary Doctors


Whether you have an annual checkup, need an influenza vaccine, or are feeling a little under the weather, your primary doctor is the person you will visit most often and these tools will help you find the right doctor for all of your needs:


Insurance Provider Directory: The easiest way to find a primary doctor is by simply looking at your insurance provider’s website. When you sign up for health insurance, most providers will send you a plethora of pamphlets and a directory as big as an old fashioned Yellow Pages book, but browsing the website is often much more efficient.


Check Certification Online: When entrusting a doctor with your health, it’s often best to select one with more experience. Certification can be a helpful tool in determining whether or not the doctor you select has been certified through the American Board of Medical Specialities.


Doing Internet Research: The best way to know whether or not your doctor is a right fit for you is by having a face-to-face visit. If you want to gather information prior to your appointment, these internet research tools can help you make a more informed decision.

Specialty Care


If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with a serious illness or disease, such as cancer, you may still consult with your primary doctor, but you will most likely be referred to a doctor who specializes in the treatment you need. Looking for an oncologist or a cancer center to receive the best treatment available? Utilizing tools, like the maps at the National Cancer Institute site, will help you narrow down your search and allow you to focus on getting well, rather than conducting a long search for the right care.


Senior Care

Over a million elderly Americans live in nursing home facilities. Moving into a nursing home can be a stressful and emotional experience for everyone involved. From finances to safety, there are many things to think about and an equal number of questions that need answers. While the best way to get a true sense of a nursing home facility is by visiting it in person, the process can be long and arduous. By using this nursing home inspection tool, you have a thorough and honest look at facilities across the country. Need help figuring out how much you can and will end up spending? Check out the Long-Term Care Calculator on the AARP website.

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