Top 6 Best Vitrified Tile Brands


Life is not just eating, sleep and die these days. Humans see life in a pretty colorful way. It has become lavish, exciting, and comfortable these days. You always want to ensure your residence to look the most beautiful, and the Vitrified tiles understand it the most. That’s the reason these are so popular in this contemporary life. However, going with a good brand is also important.

 Sun Heart Vitrified Tiles

Sun Heart is a known name in Vitrified tile arena. The best part about the brand is creativity and trust, which is very important for any business. You get loads of excellent products in a huge variety with the brand. These tiles are simply awesome in terms of look and quality. Apart from this, the brand is known for its top quality product and admirable product quality. They know your choice and always have become able in satisfying customers in terms of price.

 Varmora Vitrified Tiles

This brand is known for producing vitrified tiled of a great variety in terms of size. Look for a very small size to about 200 x 200 mm, or 2000 x 1500 mm, they have the Vitrified tiles of all range produced here. They have introduced the nation with such great variety and style of products. They have the tiles of highest size both in house and external purposes. This is the reason that they are most favoured brand over the globe.

 Lorenzo Vitrified Tiles

Lorenzo is the brand that has made really a lot of buzz in this contemporary Vitrified tiles arena.  Products from the house are quite trendy and elegant. You can never get vitrified tiles in so many colour options than this. They are known for manufacturing big size tiles with unique art. In fact the 1200 x 1800 mm products from the brand are most popular over the nation.

In short they have earned the most valuable reputation.



The brand is known for manufacturing the most lavish range of vitrified tiles, and one of the most favored name for the purpose among elite groups of people in India. They are known for producing the slabs with a great touch of creativity. Each product from the brand matches pretty well with those international levels. They are like the symbolic representation of the nation at international level in luxurious vitrified tiles arena.


 Sun- Ora Tiles

It becomes very difficult among different products from the brand to pick one. They apply fine-tuned design and art work with the products. If you are looking for a durable option regarding vitrified tiles, then this is the perfect brand. Products from the house are perfectly scratch preventive and low water or fluid consuming. The best part about the products is their flawless style. Products from the brand have passed all crucial internal standards in terms of safety.

Sanford Vitrified

Sanford Vitrified slabs have always managed to present stuffs well beyond the expectations of its customers, not only in India but over the globe. They know the concept behind color application with products best than any other brands. All their clients are pretty high profile starting from the renowned native corporate sectors to those abroad and those of regal status. The distinguishing part about their products is the glossy nature and perfect finish with color combination. You can never complain their product quality, still they can just blow you through their humbleness, sincerity, and high-end customer service.


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