List of Top 10 Best Bug Pokemon


Bug is one of the eighteen types of Pokemon, which have the ability to evolve at a rapid pace and most of them have their habitat in forests, where they live on tree tops. The bug type Pokemon are characterized by vibrant colors and cheerful character, which makes them much favored type. However, these are often known for their weak moves, particularly Generation I bugs, but in later generations there has been significant improvements.

Here are list of  top 10 best bug Pokemon:

10. Scolipede


Scolipede is one of the most amazing bug Pokemon, which possesses great speed and strength to combat its enemies. It has a base stat of 485, which is great for a bug type and can easily overcome any psychic type, giving you great chances of victory.

9. Beedrill


Beedrill is another cool bug type Pokemon, which is as scary to look at, as it is strong. The powerful Pokemon stands a meter tall and is equipped with triple venomous stingers, giving it the capability to stand against any kind of dangers.

8. Ninjask


Next among the best bug Pokemon is Ninjask, which earns a place on this list on account of its incredible speed and can use its excellent u turn move to counter the opponent successfully. However, this Pokemon is not very effective against the fire types.

7. Vespiquen


Another bug Pokemon known as one of the best is Vespiquen, the favorite girl of the Beedrill. Vespiqueen abounds in power, thanks to its ability to get a big swarm of bees, who are at her service to attack or defend from her side. She is one scary bug no one would like to come across.

6. Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir is a ferocious looking bug Pokemon, which is a vast improvement over the Pinsir, a rather useless Pokemon. Mega Pinsir is quite powerful too, with its impressive stat and sprouting wings.

5. Scyther


Next on the list of best bug Pokemon is the cool looking Scyther, which has a wonderful speed and sharp blades, making it one of the most dangerous bugs too. Its false swipe move makes it deadly for the enemy and it is acclaimed for its great power

4. Volcarona


Volcarona is a bulky yet well designed and hard hitting bug Pokemon. It is recognized for its incredible stats and amazing moves, which makes it one of the most powerful bug types. It is effective against fire types, but is not so strong against the rock types. Still, they cannot be harmed much by them, as rock types are plagued by low speed and poor self defense.

3. Butterfree



Butterfree is one of the first Pokemon of Ash and also one of the most loved ones. It has outstanding psychic abilities, including putting enemy to sleep, paralyzing it or poisoning it.

2. Scizor

Top 10 Best Bug Pokemons in 2015

Featuring next on the list of best bug Pokemon is Scizor, one of the favorites from the second generation Pokemon. The lobster-man-bug hybrid Pokemon has great looks and solid stats.

1. Heracross

Best bug pokemon

Heracross is one of the most amazing bug type Pokemn, which has excellent moves and great strength, which enables it to fight against an opponent many times its weight. It is the only bug type Pokemon, which is effective against the Dark type.

Some other extraordinary bug Pokemon are Parasect, Shedinja, Metapod and Venomoth. All of them possess great strength, speed and moves, giving them the power to combat the strongest of enemies.

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