Tech for Traveling: The Best Gadgets For Your Commute


Most individuals spent over 5 hours in the car each week. Whether we are commuting to work, traveling to school, or taking a roadtrip to see a friend or family member in a bordering state, spending time in a car is inevitable. Step back to take a moment and consider the number of times that we rely on our cars for our well being. Imagine not having access to them, and how your entire livelihood could be sacrificed.


It’s a scary concept, but without automobiles and a safe way to transport ourselves to and from our various locations, we could run into serious consequences. Taking careful consideration into these aspects, it’s important to consider how important it is to keep our automobiles in good condition, and allow them the ability to freely commute within our roadways. There are plenty of ways that we can keep ourselves safe on the roadways. By utilizing the latest technologies outlined below, you can make your commute a much safer one.


Traffic Maps


One of the greatest apps developed, that allows users to research current traffic conditions and potential roadblocks or setbacks is called Waze. The app allows users to locate where accidents may be happening on the roadways, as well as where police may be patrolling an area more heavily.


Furthermore, Waze can assist users with developing and finding the shortest route to their new destination.  Similar to Google Maps, Waze allows drivers to use real-time mapping technologies to provide the safest route for their travels considering the current traffic conditions and reported occurrences on the roadways, from other motorists.


Crash Maps


There is a multitude of crash maps or guides available within specific geographic regions. Many of these resources were developed to help motorists make more informed decisions while traveling the roadways and increase awareness for dangerous areas within a city or state.


As an example of such resources, you can take a look at the Texas Triangle crash map that was developed to outline dangerous areas within the Triangle region of Texas. The map breaks down the type of accident that occurred and provides statistics based upon the average deaths per day. Resources like these are great ways to showcase specific roadways or regions that are negatively affected by roadway accidents and the serious consequences they can have on motorists.


Radar Apps


One of the best radar maps that helps users to locate various areas where cameras may be located is the Cobra iRadar map. The map was designed to alert users where they should be especially conscious when running a traffic light that might be close to turning red. Cameras are a great way to show motorists that they should be more conscious of running quickly changing traffic lights, and this app helps to heighten this awareness.


Furthermore, the app allows the ability for users to be notified when they are speeding in excess, and may be breaking the law by traveling too quickly over the posted speed limit.
With the evolution in technology, it’s no wonder that we have an array of products that allow users the ability to stay safer on the roadways, and become more informed motorists. New devices, applications, and platforms are being created on a daily basis that showcase our ability to create safer streets for all motorists. What are some of the ways in which you can utilize different technology to enhance your safety on the roads?

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