Top 10 Interesting Facts on Bahubali You May not know


The latest Telugu movie called “Bahubali” has created quite a lot of stir in the Indian film industry as it is the biggest movie made in the history of India. Amazing performances, great visual acts, out of the box ideas and larger than life sets are a few high points of the movie. Additionally, there are a lot more amazing things about “Bahubali”, which the fans might want to know about.

Here are top 10 interesting facts on “Bahubali”:

Top 10 Interesting Facts on Bahubali

Dedication and Hard Work

Almost three years of hard work and dedication went into the making of the grand creation called “Bahubali”. Director S S Rajamouli, along with his cast and crew, worked day and night to showcase this giant venture, which is a two part series. Lead actor Prabhas did not take up any other project in these three years. He even postponed his marriage because of the movie.


About the Director

S S Rajamouli, the director of “Bahubali” is known as one of the most passionate and talented director in South India. Amazingly, he has not given a single flop movie during his career span. “Bahubali” is also the first full length feature film of Rajamouli.


About the Actors

Actors Prabhas and Rana did a lot of work on their physiques for the movie, which required them to reach a weight of at least 100 kg. They had to follow a special diet plan, which had them consume eight meals a day, with a target of 2000-4000 calories in a day. Prabhas was paid a remuneration of Rs 20 crore for “Bahubali”, making him the highest paid actor in the Telugu industry. Lead actress Anushka Sharma is the only actress cast by S S Rajamouli for a second time.



“Bahubali” was originally made in Telugu and Tamil, but has been dubbed into many languages including Hindi, English, Japanese, Malayalam and French. Rajamouli has been joined by the Hindi film maker Karan Johar, who will look after the promotion and release of the movie in Hindi language.


Big Budget

“Bahubai” has been made with a phenomenal budget of RS 250 crore, making it the most expensive movie made in the history of Indian cinema. it has been rightly called the biggest motion picture of the country.


Grand Sets

Normally, movies are made on a 24 foot scaled set, but “Bahubali” was made on the massive scale, with a 45 foot scaled set, which included grand palaces, magnificent forts and splendid waterfalls. One year went into the pre-production of the movie, which is the highest for an Indian film.


Weapon Training

Special weapon training was given to Prabhas for the movie, and it was done by Peter Hain. “Bahubali” also employed more than 2000 stuntmen and elephants. More than 600 people worked behind the camera to create the amazing visual effects.


Popularity on the Social Media

“Bahubali” has been able to garner immense popularity on the social media. The movie trailer in Telugu got 4.05 million views within 24 hours on YouTube and the same figure was beyond 1 million for the Hindi trailer. The figure reached 1.5 million views, 3 million likes and 2 million shares on Facebook in 24 hours and got 1 lakh plus followers on Twitter till now.



The movie had its share of controversy too, when the Jain community came forward to protest against the use of the name of “Bahubali”, a Jain deity. They feared that the character will be portrayed in a baneful manner.


Something in Common with “Jurassic Park”!

Amazingly, “Bahubali” has something in common with “Jurassic Park”. The movies share the same technical team for creating stunning visual effects.

Make sure that you watch “Bahubali” and be a part of the glory of the Indian Cinema!

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