Bahubali-Production Cost and Collections till date


One of the best things which have happened to the Indian cinema is “Bahubali” and it has literally changed the face of Indian cinema, giving it worldwide acclaim. The movie is exemplary in many aspects- the technology, the sets and of course, the production cost. In fact, it has created already many records in terms of making and is likely to create many more related to collections and many of these records are not likely to be broken soon!

Bahubali-Production Cost

Bahubali collections

Bahubali” has been made as a tow part series, with three years of hard labor and a massive budget of Rs 250 crore going into its making. This makes it the most expensive movie in the history of Indian cinema. The budget may not be huge when compared with that of Hollywood movies, but it is definitely the next step for the Indian cinema. Magnificent sets, stunning visuals, breathtaking stunts and special 3D technology are some of the things which have made “Bahubali” stand apart. Apart from this, “Bahubali” has been made in Telugu and Tamil and dubbed into a number of languages, including Hindi, English, French and Malayalam. The first part “Bahubali-The Beginning” hit the cinemas on 10th July, 2015 while “Bahubali-The Conclusion” will be released in 2016.


“Bahubali” has been released on more than 4000 screens across the world and has become the biggest movie in the history of the Indian cinema in terms of opening day collections at the box office, which have surpassed a figure of Rs 60 crore worldwide. The collection of the first week went on to reach as much as Rs 255 crore, covering the budget of the movie. “Bahubali” is likely to go places in the coming week and it is poised to be the biggest hit of the industry till date.


After 38 days it has reached 577 crores mark and it has beat Dhoom 3 record which was 542 crore.

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