The iOS 9 is here- everything you need to know


Finally, the wait is over!

The much awaited software update for millions of iPhones and iPads is finally here. The iOS 9 was unveiled with much pomp and vigour by Apple recently and has since then caused a lot of flutter in the online technological world. To say that Apple users have been waiting for the iOS 9 would be an understatement. Ever since Apple announced that a new update is on the cards, the support numbers have been ringing off the hook. Now that it is finally here, we need to separate the fact from the fiction. We are going to see if this updates really lives up to its hype, the changes from the last update and most importantly, is it going to be sufficient to stay competitive in this extremely tight business segment? We will find out soon enough.

Why the iOS 9 can be a game changer?

The iOS updates are often subjected to extensive analysis and comparisons. Although Apple engineers do not enjoy these constant touts and ‘can-do-better’ comments all the time from the so called gadget experts or technical analysts, this time however, they have used it to their advantage. If someone wanted to know what the iOS updates were missing or how they could cater to the Apple users in a better way, all they needed to do is go through a few tech forums. From the first looks of the iOS 9, one gets the feeling that this is exactly what Apple engineers did. Most of the shortcomings that have been plaguing Apple users for years have finally found a solution.

A cooler, smarter Siri

With Microsoft Cortana, Google Now and the other competitors developing brilliant virtual assistants, it was now or never for Siri to pull up its socks. The word deletion accuracy that has been a constant problem in the previous updates has been addressed in iOS 9. An added new feature called Proactive is all set to give Siri an edge over its competitors. It can suggest contacts that need to be contacted and apps that you might want in the future. All these are based on data obtained from tracking user data like calendars, appointments, app usage etc.

Better Security:

Apple devices are all set to see a big improvement in their security features after the roll out of iOS 9. They plan to do it by minimizing the need to transport data from your device to the cloud. The latest update ensures that all your data store on your device remains there, thereby minimizing the result of data less in an impending hacker attack.



A richer Apple Pay:

This feature allows iPhone and iPad Air 3 users to store their credit cards and royalty cards data in their Apple device. The Passbook app is making way for Wallet, thereby keeping you in total control of your money.

Other major updates

Another important change one will see in the iOS 9 is in the native Notes app. It comes with a new toolbar that lets you edit and format the headings, content and much more. This enhanced version also allows instant access to your camera or camera app directly from the Notes.

Apple Maps is another area that is seeing a massive update. With Public Transit being added to its forte, it can finally compete with the likes of Google Maps and Nokia Here Drive.

There are a whole lot of other exciting features as well that Apple has unveiled with its latest update. We will update this page as soon as we have our hands on new information. Keep watching this space for further updates.

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