9 Indian Destinations Famous for Handloom Sarees


India is the country which has been famous since ancient times for its craftsmanship and artistry. One of the products which display the mastery of Indian craftsmen is handloom sarees and there are various destinations around the country, which are famed for their special hand crafted varieties of sarees.

Here is a list of 9 Indian destinations famous for handloom sarees:


The exotic land of Assam is not only famous for its tea gardens but also for the exquisite variety of handloom sarees known by the name of Munga sarees. These sarees are made on special silk fabric, which makes use of natural gold colors instead of synthetic dyes on the thread. Also, the saree features beautiful traditional motifs on its pallu and border.

8.West Bengal

Next among the 10 Indian destinations famous for handloom sarees is West Bengal, which showcases the amazing variety, called the Baluchari saree. The saree is more like a story woven in its design, which earns it great fame on the global level. West Bengal is also the home of kantha embroidered handloom sarees.


Kerala is another Indian state which is famed for its traditional south silk handloom sarees, which are famous around the world. These charming sarees feature beautiful patterns on hand woven fabric and special gold borders.

6.Madhya Pradesh

The central state of Madhya Pradesh brings one of the most famous and stylish handloom sarees known by the name of Chanderi sarees. These sarees are more like a legacy of art and they are made of light woven fabric, either silk or cotton.

5.Tamil Nadu

If you are looking for vibrant color combinations and intricate designs in zari, then Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram sarees of Tamil Nadu make the best choice for you. This saree is a must have for every Indian bride and makes an ideal festive occasion saree.


Next among the top 10 destinations famous for handloom sarees in India is the state of Gujarat, which includes varieties such as Patola silk and bandhini handloom sarees. Patola sarees are hand crafted designer sarees which are the result of long and hard labor of the craftsman, while bandhini sarees are the example of the unique art of tie and dye.


Bihar is the state which exhibits the handloom art in the form of tussar silk sarees, which draw their design inspiration from the famous Madhubani style of paintings. These sarees come in a variety of fabric, including the likes of blended and woolen fabrics.


If you want the most exquisite sambalpuri sarees for your wardrobe, then Odisha is the destination for you. These beautiful sarees are crafted in light weight materials like cotton, silk or tussar.


There is hardly a woman in the country who must not have heard of Banrasi handloom silk sarees and it is something which every woman desires for. It is perfect for wedding or any other festive occasions as it features beautiful designs in zari and embroidery. Moreover, the saree pallu uses threads of pure silver and gold for weaving the patterns.

It is now easy to own such sarees as you can conveniently buy handloom sarees online from any corner of the world.

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