List of 10 Interesting Facts about The Beast-The Car of President Obama


Just like Air Force One is used for aerial transport of President Barack Obama, the Cadillac One, which is nicknamed as “The Beast” goes wherever the President goes. The car stands for luxury and security rolled into one and there are a number of amazing things about it.

Here is a list of top 10 interesting facts about The Beast:



  1. The Beast is a Cadillac One, which is made up with a combination of hard and soft materials, with layers of dual hardness steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic. The purpose is to make the car resistant to all kinds of explosive projectiles hurled towards it. Whatever kind of projectile it is, the body will be able to dissipate its energy and it will not be able to penetrate the Beast in any case.
  2. It would be an understatement to call this car an armored vehicle. It is much more! The Beast is equipped with security features such as tear gas canons, night vision cameras and pump action shotguns. Amazingly, the car even has oxygen supply and the blood type of the President in case he needs infusion in emergency event. The trunk also has firefighting equipment.
  3. The Beast runs on diesel as a diesel engine not only guarantees durability but is also better from security point of view, as this fuel is less volatile and minimizes the chances of explosion. The tank is armor plated to make it capable of repelling bullets. Like race cars, the tank contains special foam which makes it explosion proof.
  4. The car has some outstanding electronics, including a secure Wi-fi capability, a satellite one which establishes a direct link with the Pentagon and the Vice President. The president can also use a fold away desktop and a laptop, if he wants to work in the car.
  5. The Beast has a seating capacity of seven people including the driver. The rear compartment, which has a seating capacity of four people, is has a bullet proof glass partition to separate it from the front. It has a panic button which enables the President to summon help when in need.
  6. The driver of The Beast is a highly trained CIA agent, who is capable of handling all kinds of emergency situations, right from mechanical breakdown in the vehicle to security concerns and challenging conditions. He is provided GPS equipment as well as advanced communication system in his compartment.
  7. It is reported that the limo is equipped with such a locking mechanism that the car will be completely sealed in the event of a security breach, just like a bank vault in case of robbery. It will be even sealed in case of a chemical attack.
  8. The windows of the Beast are made 5-6 inches thick to make them bullet proof and bomb proof. Only the driver window can be opened, that too just up to 2.75 inches for the driver to communicate with security agents outside. The doors weigh as much as that of Boeing 757 jet, thanks to its 8 inch thick armor plates.
  9. The tyres are made both puncture proof and tear resistant. They also have steel rims underneath, which will help the car to run at high speed in case the tyres have been damaged.
  10. The Beast has an aircraft of its own, a C 17 Globemaster, which will transport the limo, along with another car and a Chevrolet Suburban communication vehicle, to the destination of the President.

The Beast is the vehicle which stands for the commute of the American President, taking into consideration luxury, security and style.



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